The Intune Inventory Solution
This section presents a solution for gathering hardware and software inventory from your Intune-managed Windows devices.
The solution is conceptually based on the hardware inventory process that exists in MEM Configuration Manager and provides full and delta inventory on a schedule, comes with a default set of inventory data out-of-the-box and is completely customizable - basically any information you can retrieve with PowerShell can be added to your inventory.
The solution is cloud-native, super-simple to setup and maintain and costs little or nothing to run.
The following assets are included:
  • An inventory-gathering PowerShell script
  • A Power BI template for easy inventory reporting
  • A PowerShell function for running ad-hoc inventory queries
  • Several example KQL queries
The solution uses Proactive remediations in Intune to deploy a PowerShell script on a schedule that gathers inventory data and posts it to a Log Analytics workspace in Azure.
More details on the solution can be found on my blog:
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