Add storage tables to the backup

The backup configuration is stored in an Azure table in the storage account created by this solution. The solution is pre-configured to backup this table as an example.

You can edit the table using either the portal or the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

In the portal, locate the storage account that was created in the resource group.

In the storage account, go to Storage browser > Tables

You'll find a table called AutomatedTableBackupConfiguration.

Open the table and you will see the default entry, which references this table itself:

To add more tables to the backup, simply click Add entity

Add a new table as follows:

  • PartitionKey. This is the name of the storage account containing the table/s you want to back up.

  • RowKey. This is the name of the storage container within the storage account where the backups will be saved. You do not need to pre-create this container as the solution will create it for you when the first backup runs.

  • SourceTableNames. Add here the name/s of the table/s you want to backup within that storage account, separated by a comma.

Click Insert to add the entity. The next time the backup runs, these tables will be added to the backup.

To remove a table, simply delete the entity that contains it, or if the entity contains multiple tables, simply delete the table name from the SourceTableNames value.

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