Things to know

Some things to be aware of with the report

  • Only apps with assignments will be reported on. Apps created by Patch My PC without assignments will not appear in the report.

  • The report only show apps in Intune created by the Patch My PC publishing service. These have a unique id stamped in the notes property of the app.

  • We use the beta version of the Microsoft Graph REST API for some of the data. This version is not general availability and is subject to change (even though we all know Microsoft use it in the Intune portal 😉).

  • Success data may not be meaningful in the report unless apps are targeted with required assignments.

  • Rather frustratingly, Intune often reports application installs more than once for any targeted device in the "device install status" reports - some with a user name and some with 'No user' - this is (sort-of) documented here. This can result in multiple install entries being reported for a device in the device install reports, which can be misleading. To create a unique result set, the automation runbook includes logic to only include the latest entry for each device so there is only ever a single entry per device. Sometimes this will be with a user name and sometimes without depending on which context was the most recent one to report.

  • In an environment with a large number of apps/devices managed by Patch My PC you can expect the automation runbook for the Detailed report to take some time to complete. You will very likely get a 429 response on some of the Graph calls, but the code has retry logic to handle these.

  • The Graph export filters device install status data to include only devices that are reporting a status OTHER than "not applicable". This speeds up the Graph requests, but also means only devices that are applicable for an app will appear in the report.

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