MEM Managed Device Report template

Here we will open the sample PowerBI template and create our own report from it


I have created a sample PowerBI template for MEM managed devices that you can download and use. To use it, you must have first exported data from MS Graph into an Azure storage account using the provided automation account runbook in the previous sections. The template is configured to use exactly the properties that this runbook exports as well as the 3 exported files for each OS.



Download the PowerBI template here.

Configure the datasource

  • Open the PowerBI template

  • Upon opening, you will be prompted for the storage account name and the container URL

  • You can retrieve the container URL from the storage account as follows:

    • In the Azure portal, in the storage account, navigate to the container where the 3 exported CSV reports are

    • Under Settings, click Properties

    • Copy the URL and paste it as the Container URL in the report

    • Important! Add a forward-slash to the end of the URL, eg https://.../intune-powerbi/

  • Click Load

  • You will be prompted for the Account key. Retrieve this from the storage account under Access Keys.

The data should then be imported into the report.

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