Things to know
Some things to be aware of with the report
  • Only apps or updates with assignments will be reported on. Apps or updates created by Patch My PC without assignments will not appear in the report.
  • The report only show apps or updates in Intune created by the Patch My PC publishing service. These have a PmpAppId or a PmpUpdateId stamped in the notes property of the app.
  • We use the beta version of the Microsoft Graph REST API for some of the data. This version is not general availability and is subject to change.
  • Compliance data may not be meaningful in the report unless apps and updates are targeted with required assignments.
  • Rather frustratingly, Intune often reports application installs more than once for any targeted device in the "device install status" reports - some with a user name and some with 'No user' - this is (sort-of) documented here. This can result in multiple install entries being reported for a device in the device install reports, which can be misleading. To create a unique result set, the automation runbook includes logic to only include the latest entry for each device so there is only ever a single entry per device. Sometimes this will be with a user name and sometimes without depending on which context was the most recent one to report.
  • In an environment with a large number of apps/updates/devices managed by Patch My PC you can expect the automation runbook to take some minutes to complete.
  • Microsoft Graph does not really lend itself to big data exports and throttling can occur if service limits are exceeded. For this reason I have not employed batching when requesting exportJobs on the deviceManagement/reports/exportJobs endpoint to minimise the number of requests being made at one time. This can increase the time taken to execute the automation runbook. In practice though, in a production environment using 60+ PMP managed apps and updates with a 3-hour refresh schedule, I have never yet hit the service limits or received a 429 response.
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